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Icons for the icon purist.

About the Fiend Underpin
All icons here are text-free. Usually, the last eight week's entries are public, but please join in order to see all past works.

Looking for something in particular? All entries here are tagged by icon maker, actor's name, show/movie title, and/or music artist/band name. Tags can be seen on the main layout or here.

fiend (fēnd), n.
a person who is excessively interested in something; fan
a person who is highly skilled or gifted in something: i.e. a fiend at icon making.

un·der·pin (ˌʌndərˈpɪn), v.
to prop up or support from below; strengthen, as by reinforcing a foundation.
to furnish a foundation for; corroborate

The Fiends



To apply, please send a PM to getyourguns with at least 5 examples and links to you've posted your work before.

Rules and Guidelines

Credit is not required to use our bases but is always appreciated. If someone asks you where you got your icon, please refer them to us!
Below is an example of how to properly credit your uploaded icon:

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